Success Alchemy Secret #7 – The Power of Intention

You can’t keep confusing the universe, asking for one thing and then behaving differently and expecting to get results’ Pavlina Papalouka

One of the most important steps to your success, is having a very clear intention about what you want to create.

And when I say have a clear intention, I mean to support that intention every single day with your thoughts and actions. Have this intention very strong in your mind every day as you wake up and keep it in your focus all day. Make a decision to not take any action that is not congruent to your intention.

You need to ‘act as if’ and take responsibility for how you show up to others and if the way you show up to others is congruent with what you intent to manifest.

You can’t keep confusing the universe, asking for one thing and then behaving differently and expecting to get results.

For example, if your intention is to reach a big goal in your business or get a dream job, you need to align your actions to that success that you want to create – so you need to go out and meet people that can help you, make calls, send e-mails, get more educated on the subject constantly so that you become a top expert in your industry, go out and find ways to gain expertise with people who are more successful than you, while keeping your intention strong in your mind and in your thoughts every day. You can’t just sit in the office or at home, taking the same kind of action as before and expecting to see different results.

So if your intention is to have a perfect healthy body, but now you are overweight, you don’t exercise and don’t take care of what you put in your body with the food you consume, you will need to create a lifestyle shift to make your intention a reality. Study healthy nutrition, go see a nutrition expert, join a gym, find out what kind of exercise suits you, visualize every day yourself having your ideal healthy body, create a vision board for your health and fitness and take daily consistent action by eating healthy, exercising and taking care of your health.

And remember you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. Make sure that what you are is congruent to what you want to manifest.

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