Success Alchemy Secret #8 – The Power of Gratitude

‘In order to get in the state, where you can attract and manifest what you want, you need to first be in this state of gratitude and happiness about your life right now’ Pavlina Papalouka

One of the best methods you can use to transform your life, your energy and increase your personal magnetism and attraction to the things that you want, is the Power of Gratitude.

There is something magic that happens in your life when you make a conscious effort every single day to focus on what you are grateful for and what you are happy to have right now in your life. When I say focus I mean to really commit to it, write it down, every single day.

The Daily Gratitude List

Make a list every single night before you go to sleep of all the things that you were grateful for that day.

The last thought of the day is what you take with you in your sleep and what your subconscious mind processes while you are resting. If you take with you to your sleep good thoughts and good feelings about what you have in your life, you will wake up happier and ready to face the day with a positive attitude.

When you start doing this daily exercise, you will first notice a shift in how you feel about your life…you will feel happier every day because you train your subconscious mind to focus on the good things happening to you and then you will realize that the more you focus on the good stuff that you have in your life, the more of them you attract.

Your daily list can contain little things like the great meal you had today, the sunshine or a meaningful talk you had with a good friend. It can be your health and being able to do the kind of exercise that you like or something extraordinary that happened that day in your work.

You want to write down all the good things because that will help you to really notice all the good that you have in your life, take advantage of the opportunities that come to you every day, raise your vibration and your self-worth and help you attract more of what you truly want. Make a list of as many things as you can every single night. If you make that effort you will be surprised how many things you will find every day that you are grateful for, especially at times when you think your life sucks and everything is wrong.

In order to get in the state, where you can attract and manifest what you want, you need to first be in this state of gratitude and happiness about your life right now.

Getting out of a negative mode

It is impossible to wake up every single day and be totally happy and stress free throughout the day. On some days, things you perceive as bad or negative might happen that you can’t control.

When I have this kind of days and I start to feel negative, what I do to shift my vibration is walk down the beach, enjoy an amazing sunset, or a swim, because I feel lucky and grateful to live by the beach and I immediately shift my focus to what I am grateful for in my life. Find something that makes you happy in your environment, something that you can be grateful for and choose to focus your attention on that.

With all the things happening around us every day, if we don’t make a conscious effort to control what we focus on, we risk waking up and going through the day stressed, tired, confused, negative, fearful about what is going to happen and in this kind of vibration will bring you the exact opposite of what you want.

Daily Gratitude Exercise

Make a gratitude list every single night, commit to this daily practice of writing down everything that you are grateful for, for the day that passed, before you go to sleep and see how your energy and vibration will shift and how much more easily you will start attracting more of the things that you really want and less of what you don’t want.

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