About Pavlina


Pavlina Papalouka is the founder of AwakenSpace Education, a seminars and education company specialising in helping people unlock their true potential and build successful businesses and brands around their passion and a speaker, consultant and coach in Personal Development, Business and Personal Branding.

She has cooperated with, appeared on stage and organised live seminars and online events with some of the most recognised global thought leaders and leading authorities in personal development and entrepreneurship, including Dr John Demartini, Bob Proctor, John Lee of Wealth Dragons, Bill Walsh and many more, providing transformational learning experiences for her audiences and powerful networking at each and every event.

Starting a her career just out of University with an MBA and Journalism Diploma as a Public Relations Manager at 2 national TV channels in Cyprus and Greece (Sigma TV and Mad TV) and then creating with her own Public Relations and Event Management agency helping locally and internationally many organisations, while teaching Public Relations and Media at Cyprus College, Pavlina realised that creating true success and fulfilment in life, takes a lot more than getting your ‘dream-job’ or running a glamorous business serving some of the biggest companies in the market.

Having to face and overcome her own challenges and limitations, she realised that success starts from the inside and that you can only be taught real strategies and systems for business and personal success, by people who have already achieved proven success in what you want to achieve. So she decided to focus on education that helps people create the mindset for success first and then be given the tools, not by university professors or trainers, but from inspiring leaders who have produced proven results in what they teach in their life and business.

Her passion is helping people overcome their limitations, unlock their true potential,  build profitable businesses and powerful brands around their passion and create the lifestyle, wealth and happiness they desire. She is pursuing her passion by organizing live seminars and online events, offering online education programs, trainings and personal coaching

She speaks at events, trains executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to create great breakthroughs in their lives, on a variety of subjects including Personal Branding, Personal Development, Creating a Success Mindset, Determining and Overcoming Limitations,  Determining your Life Purpose and Unique Skills, Building a Business and Brand around your Passion, Goal Setting and living life by Design, Social Media Marketing, Event Management, Online Marketing, Building an Online Business, Networking and Relationships Capital. She has consistently helped Business Owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs build a strong and influential brand and create the success they desire in all areas of their life.

Pavlina’s speaking and workshop topics:

  • Personal Branding - How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand and become a Leading Authority in your Niche
  • Selling on Social Media - Attraction marketing strategies to get a constant supply of ideal customers and leads
  • Determining and Overcoming Limitations - How to Reprogram your Mind for Success 
  • Creating a Success Mindset - The Key Steps to Create the Life you Desire
  • Determine your Life Purpose and Unique Skills
  • Goal Setting and Living life by Design
  • How to Attract your Ideal Clients
  • Social Media Branding Strategies - How to Use Social Media to Drive Sales and Build a Powerful Brand in your Niche
  • Event Management - How to Organise Successful Sold-Out Events
  • Selling through Webinars - How to sell your Services through Online Events
  • Networking and Relationships Capital - How to Network Effectively and use the Power of Connection


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