Success Alchemy Secret #9: Find your Life Purpose and Passion


I believe that everyone is born with a unique set of skills and a unique purpose and you can live a truly fulfilled life, only once you make the decision to live according to your purpose and passion and do things around your unique skills and things that you love doing.

Everyone was born with a unique purpose of how they will serve the planet through their lifetime.

Yet many people go through life without a purpose, doing something that they don’t love, living a life designed by others, almost on autopilot. They feel unfulfilled and they don’t know how to change it.

What is your true purpose?

Our true purpose is essentially to be happy and to do things that make us happy. An individual, who is happy, is one living on purpose. And an individual living on purpose, cannot be anything else than happy. So the first thing you can start doing to discover your purpose is to think what makes you happy and choose to do only things that make you happy. The happy state of being is a very important place to be in, to manifest whatever you want into your life.

Why you should find your Purpose and Passion

People who are most successful and productive are the ones who have recognized their purpose and live their life according to their purpose, following their true calling and passion. Read the autobiography of any successful person you admire and you will find out that there was an underlying life purpose to everything they did. Mahatma Gandi inspired so many people because he was following his purpose, his calling of advocating nonviolence and truth and being the change that he wanted to see in the world.

Knowing your Purpose, will enable you to design your life around your true passion and unique abilities and live your full potential. All of your talents and unique abilities are based on what your purpose is.

When you live on purpose, people respond to you differently because they see a person with passion for what they do. You feel that you are not wasting any moment of your life because you are living life doing things that feel right for you. And you become more successful and productive because you focus on your unique skills, what you do best and you don’t waste your time on activities that don’t represent you.

And actually in an ideal world, everyone would be living their purpose. Businesses would be more successful because they wouldn’t be employing people to work in positions that didn’t inspire them. Business owners would be more successful because they would realize that there is no point in trying to do things they are not inspired by or something that they don’t possess a unique skill around. And people would be more successful and happy because they would focus on doing only things they are good at and they love doing.

How do you find your Purpose and Passion?

Deep within you, in your subconscious mind, or even consciously, you know what your purpose is as it’s something you have been doing naturally all your life, it’s something you are drawn to. All you need to do is ask yourself a few questions and give honest answers, to help bring it out and uncover it.

Write down the answers to the following questions and look for a common theme, so that you can form a sentence, a statement that represents your life purpose, what you represent and how you serve the world.

10 Questions to Uncover your Life Purpose and Passion:


1) If you could design your ideal life, what would it look like? How would you be spending your time and what would you be doing for a living?

2) When are you the Happiest?

3) What activities make you excited to get up in the morning?

4) What are you doing when you feel most Creative and Alive?

5) How do you find yourself spending your time?What do you naturally enjoy doing for hours without getting bored?

6) What things and items do you surround yourself by? For example, when you are at a bookstore or searching online for books, what kind of book subjects and categories are you naturally drawn to?

7) What are the things in life that you are most Passionate about, you get excited about very easily?

8) What things do other people come and ask you to help them with?

9) What talents and attributes do you regularly get complements on by others?

10) What areas or activities do you Excel at in life? What are your Strengths, the areas that you perform really well at?

I take my coaching clients through a detailed step by step process to uncover their life purpose and passion and their unique skills, so that they can form a clear sentence of what their life purpose and passion is, which sums up who they are, what they aim to achieve and how they will serve others, so that can design their life around their passions and can make money doing what they love.

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