Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You – #100 Days of Success Alchemy Challenge


Pavlina Papalouka at Limassol Marina For a long time I have been thinking of something that I really want to do but never really put it into to action. I was feeling safe hiding in my comfort zone. I was feeling scared… This project will require some serious focus and commitment to achieve, I needed to break some patterns and form new habits. 

Any big change you want to create in your life will come with a shift in the way you think and behave and it will take some different kind of action on your part, than the kind of action you are used to taking up to today. It will take a different level of commitment. And the more you are holding yourself from taking action on something that you feel drawn to do, the more you are limiting yourself and loosing precious time from living your dream. Time is precious and limited. Isn’t it sad to waste it due to fear holding you back from who you truly want to be?

If you don’t want to settle for a life of mediocrity, from time to time you will need to take massive action and get out of your current comfort zone and create small or large breakthroughs. If you expect any big change to happen, you will need to start doing some things differently… and it will be uncomfortable in the beginning, I promise that, but once you get comfortable feeling uncomfortable, that’s where the magic happens.

Battling with my Comfort Zone

Great Things Never Come from Comfort Zones

Writing has been one of my passions and when I don’t express myself through writing, I feel that something is off, I feel I am limiting myself. So today I chose a special place to start a new 100 Day Challenge that will get me out of my comfort zone, and will be the stepping stone to help me create a breakthrough.

I am sitting at the New Limassol Marina, feeling grateful for the comfort of being able to work from anywhere and have this beautiful location available right at my doorstep, enjoying the view and the energy this place exudes and I am committing to creating a new habit – The habit of writing, creating around my passions and blogging every day for the next 100 days.

Getting Inspired at the Limassol Marina

All my articles and videos for 100 consecutive days will have a common theme: The Alchemy of Success.

For the past few years, I have been following, working with, interacting with and studying successful people and have identified some themes and universal habits and thought patterns that successful people have, things that they do differently, consistently… and I have been testing everything on myself with a lot of hard work, mostly mental work with reprogramming my mind… with amazing results and transformation. I now feel I am ready to get the message out there, the total of my experiences and wisdom that I have got from some really successful people I have cooperated with and studied over the years.

Getting out of your comfort zone is all about overcoming fear and jumping into something you really want to do with total trust that you will find the way to make it happen. I have gotten cold fit on creating this new habit of being creative daily for 3 years now. But you know what is going to happen if you stop every time you get cold feet on something? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Your progress as an individual stops. Life looses its purpose.

So why I’m I doing this 100 day challenge and announcing it in public?

For any new habit that you want to create in your life, it is scientifically proven that if you do it every single day for 90 days in a row, you have created new neural connections in the brain and have programmed this habit so that it will happen automatically from that point onwards without putting too much effort or thought into it.

Announcing it in public means having you as my accountability partners and being accountable to you that I will be putting value out there every day for the next 100 days. I commit to giving daily Value that will help you improve your life from my own personal experiences.

For those of you who have followed my ‘100 Happy Days’ challenge on my personal Facebook profile, I can tell you it was totally transformational. Putting your intention every single day on finding and documenting what makes you Happy, creates a shift in your vibration and puts you in the space where you can manifest anything, because ‘Happy’ is the manifestation frequency. The happier you feel, the more great things you will manifest.

So for the next 100 days, not only I will write, create videos and post of my blog, I commit to Leaving, Breathing and Practicing every day the 100 Principles of Success Alchemy that I will present here.

Ok, so here we go:

Success Alchemy Secret No#1: Your Comfort Zone is Killing You.

To create any big shift in your life you need to do things differently, you need to move out of the small pond you are swimming in at the moment and move into new unexplored territory, a bigger pond, a lake, a river, or the ocean maybe.

You need to let your fears behind and follow your calling, your biggest impulse. For every big shift you want to create in your life, you need to take the respective kind of action. Today take a moment and think: What is One thing that you have been really wanting to do for a long time, but you have been holding yourself from doing it because of fear of trying something new? Make the decision to take the first step today. I promise you it’s going to be uncomfortable. But it’s going to get comfortable along the way by taking action every single day towards your goal.

If you had some personal breakthroughs from getting out of your comfort zone, please share with us below! Looking forward to connecting with you 🙂

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