The 4 Vital Keys for Success


Dream + Passion + Belief + Massive Action = Success!

Numerous best-selling books have been written with countless strategies, habits, behavioral patterns and thought patterns that successful people use. The essence of it all however, can be summarized four very basic steps that if combined together, will produce success.

The fine line between failure and success could just be missing one of these four basic ingredients. The process is simple, yet so vital to achieving success in life and the Dream + Passion + Belief + Massive Action = Success! The fine line between failure and success could just be missing one of these four basic ingredients. The process is simple, yet so vital to achieving success in life and the reason that only few who get it right will prevail. reason that only few who get it right will prevail.


Dream Big

In order for something to manifest into your three-dimensional reality, it needs first to be conceived as a thought and a vision in your brain. The more powerful the vision, the better the results will be.

A successful person’s brain operates in the field of all possibilities where there little to no limitations. The level of our success will actually depend on how big your vision and your dream is. If you have a big dream and you manage to keep your mind occupied with it every day, rather than being occupied with obstacles, your brain will guide you to find solutions and help you achieve your dream.

Super successful people allow themselves to dream big and set challenging goals for themselves, because they know that their success will depend on the magnitude of their dream.


Emerson - Enthusiasm Quote

Passion is the greatest asset for success. Your dream needs to be something that you are truly passionate about, something that you have a burning desire for. This desire and passion needs to come from the heart and not from the logical part of the brain. There is a key difference.

People who are passionate about what they do or passionate about their dream, can easily convince others to help them, because they are in a powerful vibration. Think of personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They had authentic powerful desire in making their dream come true, that’s how they managed to touch so many lives and change the course of history.

If you don’t have a powerful desire, you cannot create anything big. Your dream shouldn’t be something that you believe would make other people happy, like your family or your spouse. It should be something that makes you really excited to get up in the morning and go out to pursue. Focusing on a powerful vision of something that you are truly passionate about creating, is way more powerful than any strategic plan you can create with your logical brain.


Believe in Your Dreams

Develop an undeniable belief that you have the ability to make your dream come true and that you actually deserve to have what you set a goal for. Belief and feeling worthy to receive are extremely important ingredients to success.

You might have the Dream and the Passion to achieve your dream, but if you don’t really believe in yourself, if you don’t really believe that your dream is possible and if you don’t really feel worthy to achieve great success, you are essentially subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Lack of belief in yourself, lies in deep subconscious programming and limitations, that come from our parents, our society and our experiences going through life from the day we were born.  The way to overcome those limitations is to use mental and meditation techniques to reprogram your mind and remove negative subconscious beliefs, the fear and the doubt, so that you clear up the road to success.


Tony Robbins - Take Massive Action

After you have decided on your big vision, you made sure it’s something you are truly passionate about and you created the belief system to support this dream to manifesting into your reality, you will then need to get off your ass and take massive organized persistent action on your dream.

Nothing will happen if you sit on the couch and wait for things to start coming into your life by visualizing, praying and believing. Successful people leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of their goals and dreams. They are persistent and don’t quit at obstacles. They do what it takes. If one thing doesn’t work, they try something else until they get it right. They never stop. They learn from mistakes and obstacles and move on. Go out and take daily organized inspired action on your dream. Step by step you will see it coming to fruition.

In Simple terms: Dream + Passion + Belief + Massive action is the Magic Formula for Success! Make sure you get the all ingredients right 🙂 

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