Success Alchemy Secret #2: Let Go of Other People’s Opinion

Being too concerned about other people’s opinion, means that you are not really aligned with your true self and your core values. Successful people take care of the relationship with themselves FIRST, because they know that its where it all begins. When you are in harmony with your true self, you are not concerned about what other people think and you are able to let go and achieve great things.

In the video above, I explain why it is so important to totally let go of other’s people opinion because that might be what keeps you stuck in the road to success.

Success Alchemy Secret #2 – Let Go of Other People’s Opinion

If you think of any of the really successful people in history and read their stories, you will realize that one of the things that actually made them so successful was that they followed their true calling and they were not concerned about other people’s opinions. That’s how they were able to stand out and create something unique.

The truth is that if you really believe in what you do, if its aligned with your core values and mission, if you trust in yourself and your self worth, if you do something that is ethical and does not harm anyone, if what you do comes from your heart, you are not concerned about what other people think, you just follow your calling.

The more aligned you become with your true self, the more of the right kind of people will naturally be attracted to you, because you will vibrate in the same frequency and other people will leave or stop showing up in your life and that is perfectly ok. Being aligned with your true self, means being happy no matter what and following your true calling. And that’s the true meaning of Success.

And I take this quote from Abraham ‘ Your true happiness happens when you discover that no one other than yourself is responsible for the way you feel. If you believe that others are responsible for the way you feel, you are in true bondage, because you cannot control how they behave or how they feel. Your happiness is your natural state of being. Find ways to get into that state and the right people will align to you. The more you are aligned to who you truly are, the less you will care about what other people think about you or how they behave’.

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  1. cheryl carpenter

    I believe you are right about success being happy and content with yourself, but it also takes a strong willing mind to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s about taking that chance to believe in yourself, its not a bad thing to make mistakes because in reality, the mistakes you make take you higher into the unknown.

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