Success Alchemy Secret #5: Detach Yourself from The Outcome

‘Infinite Patience Produces Immediate Results’ Dr Wayne Dyer

Success Alchemy Secret #5: Detach Yourself from the Outcome and have Total Trust

If you have a big goal that you want to manifest and that you are working towards achieving, one of the most basic steps in the manifestation, is being able to Detach yourself from the Outcome, while you are taking daily action towards your goal. There is great power in Detachment and having total trust. Actually being impatient about what you want to create, being worried, scared, concerned, very attached to actually having that outcome, will have the opposite results for you.

So what do you do to get in this vibration of Detachment? You learn to let go, live in the now, look for moments and things that you are grateful for each and every day, enjoy and appreciate each moment as it come, while you are taking action towards your goal.

I have an affirmation that you can use every morning to align yourself with this vibration of Detachment: ‘Everything I want, desire and need is coming to me in divine timing. All I need to do is let go, believe and trust in the process’

Being upatient is low vibration energy. And remember that there is great power in having Total Trust in the outcome that you want to create.

I want to live you with a wise quote that I love from one of my favorite authors Dr Wayne Dyer: ‘Infinite Patience produces Immediate Results’. There is so much wisdom in that quote and there is great wisdom in Detachment.


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