Attraction Marketing: How to Use it in Your Business

Would you rather chase clients every day or have a steady flow of clients, associates, partners lining up and chasing after you, so that you are in a position to make the selection of which ones you want and have the time to take on to your business? This is what Attraction Marketing can do for your business: help you attract a consistent flow of quality leads.

Attraction Marketing is about giving free, interesting, original and valuable information to your prospective customers, existing customers, associates and society at large, which enriches their lives in some way and at the same educates them about your product or service and ‘attracts’ them to want to find out more about it.

It is the strongest subconscious sales method, as it does not push any sale, but rather builds rapport with the prospective client or associate and a genuine interest in what you are offering. Attraction Marketing is more about sharing value rather than selling and letting the right people come to you rather than going to them and pushing the sale.

In fact ‘Law of Attraction’ (reference: ‘The Secret’) and Attraction Marketing have a lot in common, as Attraction Mark

eting is about utilizing the right techniques for attracting into your business people who resonate with what you do and have a need for your product or service –  and that’s the best sale you can make!

Steps to Utilizing Attraction Marketing in Your Business
Attraction Marketing is not a new concept, but it has grown bigger and easier to use, with the advent of the internet and the social media.

There are many tools you can use in Attraction Marketing, depending on the type of business and the branding. I have summarized the four basic Attraction Marketing tools, that top Marketers use:

Free Advice through Blogs, posting Articles online, Guest Columns in Magazines, Video Blogs, and Newsletter: If you are an expert in your field, you have an expert know-how which can help others. By sharing useful information for free with your audience on a constant basis, you not only keep them engaged with what you do and build a relationship of trust, but you also educate your audience about your product/service. People who resonate with this information that you are sharing and find it useful, most probably will someday become your clients, associates, business partners or recommend you to others.

Free Giveaways: There is a reason all successful Internet Marketers and many bestselling authors utilize Free Giveaways, especially during product launches. If you have a new product coming out, giving a free preview like chapters of a book you are launching or a training video about a new product which provides valuable information that people can use to benefit even if they don’t make the purchase right away, is more likely to get people interested in eventually buying your product, than traditional advertising of the product. Free Giveaways can also take the form of offering a free seminar, free consultation, product sample or special event targeted to your audience.

Connect through Social Media – It may have become a cliche, but social media play a big role in utilizing attraction marketing to connect with customers and attract new ones, when used correctly. A word of warning: don’t use social media to constantly directly promote your product, as this is not attraction marketing. Always keep in mind that people go on social media mainly to socialize and relax. Share useful and helpful information, present successful happenings in your business, share your events, articles, photos and have people asking to find out more about what you do!

Create Controlled Publicity – If you can find ways to get in touch with key press individuals and present your work in popular local and international media (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Popular News Portals) through articles, interviews and presentations done by journalists, you can skyrocket your Attraction Marketing ratio, provided these presentations are of high quality and do not look like advertisements. People tend to believe more what the media say as true, than what you tell them directly, so if you get positive coverage by the media, you instantly gain credibility. Its a common truth in the publishing world, that if you are lucky enough to get invited by Oprah on her show when you have a book launch, then you probably have an instant best-seller without much additional promotion!

Bottom line is that high pressure sales techniques are an outdated concept. To succeed in today’s marketing environment, individuals, small businesses and organizations have a lot to benefit by becoming experts in the art of Attraction Marketing. It just takes a shift of mindset and sales practices. Consider in which ways you can provide value to people, use the Attraction Marketing tools most suitable for you and see the shift in the leads that flow into your business!

I would love to hear your comments about this article!  Pavlina Papalouka 🙂

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