100 Top Network Marketing Companies – January 2011

Donald Trump – Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message
“Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income. Make sure the product is worth your energy.”

One of the ways hundreds of people each year join the ‘New Lifestyle Movement’ having total time and money freedom, and receiving residual incomes of 10,000 to 100,000 USD per month working from home, is Network Marketing.

The popularity of Network Marketing is steadily increasing in the new internet and social media age we have entered. It’s not by chance, that No1 investor’s in the world today Warren Buffet’s largest purchase in 2003 was direct sales Network Marketing company ‘Pampered Chef’ and one of the top US entrepreneurs Donald Trump launched his own network marketing company ‘Trump Network’ in 2009. Why are these business titans investing in Network Marketing companies? It has been proven over and over again, especially as the volume of advertisements we are exposed to daily is increasing, that Word of Mouth marketing is by far the strongest form of advertising and promotion!

As Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki recommend in ‘Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message’, word of mouth is a powerful communication tool, so Network Marketing is a perfect business model provided you are self-motivated and social. It requires entrepreneurial spirit and that means focus and preservance. If you are passionate enough to get going on your own, this business model is good for you. As in any business, to succeed in this industry you need to overcome self-doubt, shyness and fear of rejection. What is beautiful about the industry is that most network marketing companies, offer truly transformational personal development training in key areas.

It has taken extensive research to rank the top 100 Network Marketing companies of 2011 for this blog. For the ranking of the top companies for 2011, I have used Alexa Global Traffic Rankings of the main website of each company and I have ranked the top 100. Alexa calculates the rank of a website using a combination of average daily visitors over November, December 2010 and January 2011. If your company is not listed and it has a higher ranking on Alexa than the companies below, please let me know. Since choosing the right company for you is an important ingredient of success, I have given a list of the top criteria for choosing the right company, below this list.

Source: Based on Alexa.com global rankings for the period of 1st November 2010 to 1st February 2011.

Company Website Alexa Rank Years Online
1 Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V. www.oriflame.com 3,032 12 Years
2 Avon www.avon.com 3,640 14 Years
3 Global Domains International www.website.ws 4,830 10 Years
4 Team Beach Body www.teambeachbody.com 7,116 3 Years
5 Amway www.amway.com 9,439 15 Years
6 Send Out Cards www.sendoutcards.com 10,732 7 Years
7 My Shopping Genie www.myshoppinggenie.com 11,269 3 Years
8 Talk Fusion www.talkfusion.com 11,358 3 Years
9 Melaleuca www.melaleuca.com 11,638 15 Years
10 Natura Cosmeticos www.natura.net 12,625 13 Years
11 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. www.prepaidlegal.com 15,165 11 Years
12 Market America www.marketamerica.com 15,585 14 Years
13 USANA Health Sciences Inc. www.usana.com 15,849 14 Years
14 Nu Skin www.nuskin.com 16,298 15 Years
15 Keller Williams Realty www.kw.com 17,459 15 Years
16 Isagenix Inernational www.isagenix.com 19,271 8 Years
17 Mary Kay www.marykay.com 20,810 14 Years
18 WorldVentures www.worldventures.biz 21,448 5 Years
19 ACN GLOBAL www.acninc.com 24,090 12 Years
20 TriVita www.trivita.com 25,650 11 Years
21 Herbalife www.herbalife.com 31,076 12 Years
22 Vemma www.vemma.com 33,234 16 Years
23 Forever Living Products www.foreverliving.com 33,622 14 Years
24 Young Living www.youngliving.com 39,244 8 Years
25 Tupperware www.tupperware.com 39,280 15 Years
26 ComF5 www.comF5.com 40,387 4 Years
27 Monavie www.monavie.com 40,972 7 Years
28 LR Health & Beauty Systems www.lrworld.com 41,139 10 Years
29 FM Cosmetics www.uk2.fmgroup.dega.com.pl 43,251 3 Years
30 Pampered Chef www.pamperedchef.com 45,555 15 Years
31 Nikken International www.nikken.com 48,367 15 Years
32 Telecom Plus www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk 48,471 8 Years
33 YTB International Inc www.ytb.com 48,949 14 Years
34 Nature’s Sunshine Products www.naturessunshine.com 50,146 14 Years
35 5Linx Entreprises www.5linx.com 50,316 9 Years
36 Amsoil www.amsoil.com 51,613 14 Years
37 United First International www.unitedfirstfinancial.com 51,747 5 Years
38 Vorwerk & Co. KG www.vowerk.com 54,464 15 Years
39 Arbonne International www.arbonne.com 54,676 12 Years
40 PartyLite (Blyth Inc.) www.partylite.com 55,292 16 Years
41 Agel www.agel.com 55,435 9 Years
42 Immunotec www.immunotec.com 56,026 10 Years
43 Vitamark International www.vitamark.com 56,261 9 years
44 Ambit Energy L.P. www.ambitenergy.com 57,311 4 Years
45 Stampin’ Up! www.stampinup.com 58,185 12 Years
46 Lia Sophia www.liasophia.com 58,233 7 Years
47 4 Life Research www.4life.com 58,372 7 Years
48 Medifast www.medifast1.com 59,201 7 Years
49 XanGo, LLC www.xango.com 60,506 12 Years
50 Primerica Financial Services www.primerica.com 60,604 18 Years
51 Unicity Networks www.unicity.net 62,843 13 Years
52 Mannatech Inc. www.mannatech.com 67,272 11 Years
53 LifeWave www.lifewave.com 67,592 7 Years
54 Tahitian Noni www.tni.com 69,732 10 Years
55 PM International www.pm-international.com 69,979 12 Years
56 CarbonCopyPRO www.carboncopypro.com 70,300 3 Years
57 Scentsy www.scentsy.net 70,795 3 Years
58 Faberlic www.faberlic.com 70,813 9 Years
59 Advocare www.advocare.com 72,161 15 Years
60 GNLD  International www.gnld.com 73,161 15 Years
61 Ardyss International www.ardyss.com 73,357 10 Years
62 Shaklee Corp www.shaklee.com 77,905 16 Years
63 Eureka Forbes Ltd www.eurekaforbes.com 80,443 12 Years
64 Ameriplan USA www.ameriplanusa.com 83,189 14 Years
65 FreeLife International www.freelife.com 83,844 11 Years
66 Tastefully Simple www.tastefullysimple.com 86,824 13 Years
67 Tiens/Tianshi www.tiens.com 87,221 11 Years
68 Winalite www.winalite.com 90,525 4 Years
69 Creative Memories www.creativememories.com 93,390 13 Years
70 Ignite Inc www.igniteinc.com 93,434 7 Years
71 Trump Network www.trumpnetwork.com 101,157 2 Years
72 WatkinsOnline www.watkinsonline.com 103,601 10 Years
73 Longaberger Co www.longaberger.com 109,685 14 Years
74 Neways Inc. www.neways.com 115,438 13 Years
75 Team National www.bign.com 122,139 9 Years
76 Yanbal International/Unique www.yanbal.com 122,288 7 Years
77 LG Household & Health Care www.lgcare.com 125,228 11 Years
78 Premier Designs www.premierdesigns.com 131,175 13 Years
79 NOEVIR Co. Ltd. www.noevirstyle.jp 135,033 5 Years
80 Pola Inc www.pola.co.jp 144,166 13 Years
81 Silpada Designs www.silpada.com 147,793 9 Years
82 Omnilife www.omnilife.com 152,054 9 Years
83 Juice Plus www.juiceplus.com 152,679 11 Years
84 Sunrider www.sunrider.com 154,980 12 Years
85 North American Power www.napower.com 170,746 9 Years
86 CUTCO/ Vector Marketing www.cutco.com 171,373 15 Years
87 Forever Freedom www.myffi.biz 187,106 5 Years
88 Lifeforce www.lifeforce.net 190,844 10 Years
89 Better Globe www.betterglobe.com 192,093 4 Years
90 World Financial Group www.wfg-online.com 194,464 9 Years
91 Passion Parties www.passionparties.com 197,542 14 Years
92 Relív International www.reliv.com 203,174 15 Years
93 Kleeneze www.kleeneze.co.uk 205,131 13 Years
94 Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing www.fhtm.net 209,704 10 Years
95 Kirby www.kirby.com 220,501 16 Years
96 Amazon Herb www.amazonherb.net 224,971 11 Years
97 Oxyfresh www.oxyfresh.com 234,125 10 Years
98 Aerus www.aerusonline.com 236,318 9 Years
99 Jewels by Park Lane Inc www.jewelsbyparklane.com 243,335 11 Years
100 MXI Corp/Xocai www.mxicorp.com 283,406 9 Years

Here are the basic criteria for choosing the right company for you:
1) Years in Business – Entering a new company poses many risks, as profitability and long term viability cannot be guaranteed and at the same time, the right sales, communication and marketing systems might not be yet in place. It takes about 5 years for a company to stabilize its position in the market and set the right systems in place. Before you invest your time and energy in an exciting new product, I would recommend that make sure that the company has passed and survived successfully the initial 5 years testing period.
2) Product – Make sure you choose a product that you are passionate about. Your passion in promoting the product will be a key ingredient in your success. Also make sure that the products of the company you choose are of high quality and worth your time.
3) Timing for your Market – It is always better in Network Marketing to enter a company that is new in your initial market of focus. A company which is 5 to 10 years in the market, but is new in your market, city or part of the world, will give you bigger chances of succeeding as a representative.
4) Sales & Marketing Tools – Strong sales and marketing tools, incorporating online and offline communications are crucial for your success, so make sure that the company you choose has these systems in place.
5) Leadership – Integrity and high ethics are a key ingredient when working with a network marketing company. Make sure you trust the company’s leadership and you have proven experienced leaders to guide you step by step to success.
6) Training – This is a basic ingredient of success in any Network Marketing business. Make sure that the company has the right training programs in place for your market, so that you can channel yourself and all your reps/business associates through the training program and you do not have to spend endless hours trying to figure out what works best and training one rep at a time on your own.

One Last Note: But isn’t Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

As Robert Kiyosaki answers in his book Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message – ‘Corporations are really pyramid schemes. A corporation has only one person at the top, generally the CEO and the rest are at the bottom. A true Network Marketing business is the exact opposite of the traditional business model. A Network Marketing Business is designed to bring you up to the top, not to keep you at the bottom. A true Network Marketing business does not succeed unless it brings people up to the top’.

If you have enjoyed this post or have suggestions and comments, I would be happy to hear from you below!

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  1. This has provided me the insight to make a very informed conscience decision to make concerning the business I want to start and get involved in. I think if people had this kind of information made readily available to them they would make more informed decisions concerning getting involved with Network Marketing companies. Thanks for the information.

  2. Network marketing/direct sales is the perfect profession for me and my family for so many reasons. Check out the video clip at http://theflipflopceo.com/about/. It will tell you why!

    I have partnered with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, creators of Proactiv Solution. Rodan + Fields Dermatologists is now taking over the $2.5 billion anti-aging industry through direct sales/network marketing. Not only that but they have been awarded prestigious awards by the Direct Selling Association; recently, the Rising Star award. If you are curious about a recession-proof job, have an interest in improving the lives of others, are energetic, self-motivated, and coachable this company can change your life. I would love to speak with you about this amazing opportunity.

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    You have nothing to lose and a whole new life of personal and financial freedom to gain. I urge you to investigate this legitimate business and amazing company. An open mind is a terrible thing to waste!

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