Digital Marketing


Geeks, Start-ups and the Top 10 Rules of New Entrepreneurship

Ever since Tim Ferris published The 4-Hour Workweek and Zuckerberg got us entangled in his social network, Geeks have become the new hot currency. They the only ones who can conceive and build fast growing technology based businesses that are taking the world by storm. Find out their top 10 Rules for setting up high growth start-ups and becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

Neuromarketing: How Brain Research Guides the Future of Marketing

Neuromarketers are using MRI scanners to dig into the human subconscious and analyze the brain of volunteers while showing them advertising messages and having them compare competitive products. The findings show that emotion becomes more important than logical reasoning when it comes to selecting a product. Neuromarketers use their findings to help companies improve their marketing message and influence buying decisions.