Guided Morning Meditation for Manifesting with Gratitude

Meditating daily has a powerful effect both on your health and what you create in your life. With this meditation, we are using our intentions together with the powerful energy of the heart to manifest what we want in the best possible way.

The scientists studying the vibrations of the heart (you can find out more by searching Heart Math Institute) have discovered, that the vibrations you send from the heart (which are essentially your feelings), have a stronger effect than the vibrations you send with your mind (your thoughts). So in this meditation, we start our day vibrating our intentions from the heart.

I have been studying and practicing different types of meditation for years and I find this very powerful and effective for both my personal growth and my business success.

I am a business, personal development and personal branding coach and speaker and I always recommend meditation to my clients, so I mostly created this video for them and people who have been to my seminars and asked me to show them how I meditate.

The location is just outside my home in Limassol, which I love and I am really connected to, so I decided to include the scenery that always inspires me.

I recommend practicing this specific guided meditation for manifesting in the morning, as it’s powerful to connect with the energy of love and gratitude before you start your day, but any time of the day will do.

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