Being a Forward Thinker

Pavlina Meditation Santorini‘It just takes a few determined individuals being weirdo’s and going against the current, to create any positive shift on this planet’ P.P. 

When I was a teenager, I developed a great interest for yoga. It was way before yoga became the mass fitness and health trend that it is today. It just felt right. I bought books and video tapes, because there were no yoga studios in my town at the time. When I mentioned yoga to school friends, they thought it was something weird and made jokes asking if it’s something that you do when you are naked.

Later on during university and when I got my first job in the media, I became vegetarian, I started looking for organic foods and talking to everyone about organic eating and ecology. At the time you could not find anything organic in the supermarkets and you had to go to specialized places. Ecology was a word for strange nature people who sit in the forest and hug trees.

Again I was the odd one out in my work environment and every time I talked about my health and nutrition choices, ‘normal’ people thought I was being strange and silly. That was right before the onset of the big trend we are experiencing towards healthy eating and a more ecological lifestyle the past ten years. Now the same people who didn’t get my lifestyle choices a few years ago, are following the new fashionable trend for healthy eating to fit in and look cool.

Now my great interest and healthy ‘obsession’, is experimenting with the power of the brain, using both ancient techniques used by yogis for centuries combined with the findings of modern science, to experience higher states of consciousness, change my mental programming, my thought patterns and even my DNA. Not only that, but I have a huge urge to teach what I learned and experienced to others, because I realize the benefits and this information cannot remain hidden from the masses.

Right now to the average person I am that weirdo who sits around meditating all the time and experimenting with mental hacks and brain science innovations.  And I can tell you with certainty that this is an area where people around the world will come into many realizations in the next few years. This is the way we can create a massive positive change in the world once the word spreads around.

The interesting thing is that now people around me are more open to finding out what it is that I do with my meditation, they ask questions instead of making jokes and they also think that this photo of me in Santorini in a meditation pose is kind of cool :).

If some of us a few years ago started doing yoga, started taking into consideration how the choices we made affected the ecology of the planet, began making healthier eating choices and experimented with using powerful meditation techniques to change the vibration and as a result created this trend around us where more and more people consider these practices a healthier lifestyle, then what me and a few other of us are doing right now using the power of our brain, can be the next revolution we can build on to bring the planet into a state of consciousness that everyone will live with peace, health and prosperity.

It just takes a few determined individuals being weirdos and going against the current to create any positive shift in the world.

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