Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you (and the secret on how to make it work)

Why the law of attraction doesn't work for youYou have watched ‘The Secret’, you try to think positive and be positive, you probably tried meditation and writing down your goals, but you are still not attracting what you want or worse, you are attracting exactly the opposite of what you want. What are you doing wrong?

The explanation to why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work in a positive way for you (yet) goes much deeper than positive thinking, strong desire and taking positive action.

The fact is, we can all make firm decisions with your Conscious mind to achieve specific goal or outcome, but what determines the actual results we get is the conditioning of your Subconscious mind, which contains all the beliefs, values and habits which are responsible for our results.

It’s not enough just to have the idea, write down the goals and be positive, if you don’t take action to imprint these new goals in your subconscious mind, together with new beliefs, values and habits that support these new goals and will help you take the right action to achieve them.

Here is a simple example of how the process of reconditioning the subconscious brain works:

Let’s take an example of a goal many people want to achieve these days. Let’s say that the highest income you have earned up to now overall in any given year is 50,000USD and are currently 80,000 in debt. Your new goal to start making 150,000USD per year and be totally debt free. You make a firm decision to take the right action to achieve this goal within the next one year and start working on a plan.

The first thing you need to do after setting this goal (and actually before you make the plan on how to achieve it) is ask yourself what your values around money are, what are your beliefs since childhood and what are the habits you have today which have been keeping you at the specific income level and in debt.

Write down all values and beliefs you have around money, experiences from childhood that have shaped these beliefs and the unsupportive habits you have which stop you from taking the right action to achieve your goal. Examples of unsupportive beliefs are: There is never enough money for everything I need, Rich people are all crooks, Money is always the source of problems etc.

Once you decide what your current negative beliefs, habits and values are, write down positive affirmations and declarations which are in alignment with those values, beliefs and habits that you want to develop in order to achieve that goals and overwrite your negative beliefs. For example if your negative belief is ‘There is never enough money for everything I need’ the new affirmation (always in present tense as if it’s already achieved) should be ‘I always have enough money for everything I need’. If an un-supportive habit you have is being disorganized and undisciplined, your new affirmation should be something like this ‘I am very organized and disciplined and I take the right action daily to achieve my goals’.

Once you make your list of as many affirmations as you feel will serve you for your goal, start repeating those affirmations every single day, visualizing and most importantly emotionalizing for 3 to 5 minutes how it feels to achieve your goal and to be this new person with the new beliefs and habits.

Now you can start working on a plan and expect to have inspired ideas which will work in alignment with your new goals, beliefs and values.

An important tip here is to keep repeating goals and affirmations daily for at least 90 days, because this is how long it usually takes to imprint a new belief in your subconscious mind. If you are in a relaxed meditative state when you are repeating, visualizing and emotionalizing your new beliefs and affirmations, then results will come faster.

Daily repetition together with visualization, using strong feelings as if the goal is already achieved, is the KEY in the process. Keep at it with persistence and patience and sooner or later the Law of Attraction will work for you and you will start seeing amazing results, trust me, its tried and tested!

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  1. Ozzy

    Tell me something, I have read in other books that affirming that you already have what you don’t really have creates a Conscious/Subconscious conflict. They recommend to use progressing expression rather than affirmative, for example: every day I’m more and more organized or every day I’m doing better and better in my (blank) (e.g. finances, home, life, work, etc.). I want to know you opinion about this one.

    1. Hi Ozzy, that’s a great question and one that I had myself for years. After studying what the experts do and what science has discovered, I finally came to the conclusion that its good to include both kinds of affirmations and we need to be in a relaxed meditative state when we do the affirmations and visualization and emotion. The first type of affirmation ie ‘Everyday I am becoming more and more organized and have better results in my work’ is very useful in taking daily steps to improving yourself and the subconscious can connect to it easily. The other type of affirmation ie ‘I am a successful and recognized leader in my field internationally’ or ‘I am now living in my dream home by the beach with my beautiful healthy family’ also works if you keep repeating and adding images to the meditation daily, even if the affirmation is totally different than the reality you are leaving today. The subconscious barriers slowly go away with repetition and meditation (being in ‘Alpha’ brainwave frequency or deeper).

      Hope my answer has been helpful! I am personally using both types of affirmations in my daily process and I can confirm that I have had amazing results with both with affirmative ones (ie I have had big goals which in the beginning my subconscious rejected as untrue but later on with repetition became my firm belief and then manifested) and great results in improving myself with ‘progressing expression’ affirmations 🙂

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