The Government Does Not Control Your Mind


The Government Does Not Control Your Mind

You hear this over and over and over again in different countries around the world, especially whenever there are elections or a financial crisis or political crisis.

The government has ruined my life. The government is not providing jobs for me. The government is corrupt. The government destroyed the economy. The government, the government… Blame everything on the government, on the politicians, and on the corrupt system.

The truth is that…

The government does not control your actions; you do. 

The government does not control your mind; you do.

The government cannot control your values, your beliefs or your dreams.

You are the president in charge of your own life.

It doesn’t matter what is happening with the politics, the economy, and the environment in your country. The real power lays in your ability to perceive things and turn them to your advantage. Fear and blame are liabilities, not assets for you.

When you focus on what you CAN do when negative things are happening around you and use your attention on what is the opportunity in it, that’s where your power lies. 

Because every crisis comes to push us to grow and our lowest moments can be our biggest advantage if we see the lesson. It’s all a matter of focus and perception.

Whatever the situation is, you can turn it to your advantage by shifting your attention from the problem or the crisis to the opportunity, and your mind will start providing solutions for you as soon as you make that change of mindset.

So you can say for example, “Ok, there is a financial crisis now in my country, this is the situation”, and then ask yourself – “What is the best way that I as an entrepreneur can create solutions that people need right now in this economy?” or “How can I change my strategy and expand to new markets through the unlimited opportunities the Internet is offering so that I do not limit myself to one economy?”

When you get into that mindset, it really does not matter who is leading your country, what is happening with the economy or what decisions political leaders are making. You will always find opportunity, and you will always be able to turn things to your advantage.

So you can either sit around and be miserable and depressed and complain about what others are doing to ruin your life or your business or realize that you have the power to choose your focus and take your life and your business in your hands.

If you are focusing on all the reasons why the situation with the government and with the system is corrupt and failing you, then that’s what you are going to create in your life. Your brain will go and find all the evidence why the situation is terrible, and then you will lose your power and create more failure.

If you focus on what the opportunity is in your current condition, your brain will start looking for solutions, and you will be able to find and create those solutions and those opportunities out of every situation that you face. This is exactly what successful entrepreneurs do throughout history. Their brain always looks for the opportunity in every situation.

You have the power of choice. Even at our lowest moments, we have the choice to either grow ourselves and find opportunities or accept defeat and give up. What is your choice?


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