The 1# Secret to Business Success

The 1# Secret to Business Success

Did you ever wonder why some people create huge success in their lives and others only seem to attract struggles?  Why you set your goals, you know where you want to be but you never seem to get there?

Every successful person will tell you that the first step if you really want to succeed in something is to find someone who has achieved the success you want and follow what they do. In looking for this kind of people, I stumbled upon the work of business coach, spiritual entrepreneur and author John Assaraf, who was featured in the hit movie The Secret.

John went from a kid who had low confidence, was kicked out of school, participated in street gangs and had anxiety attacks, to building 5 multi million dollar companies in 20 years and becoming a bestselling author, speaker, coach and a very successful entrepreneur living a  life we all dream of.

The basis of John Assaraf’s teachings and what he describes in his book ‘The Answer’, is that brain researchers have discovered how you can now Think, Act and Achieve the same results of Multimillionaire Business Owners.

For every result you want there is:

1.       A way of thinking

2.       Things you have to believe and

3.       Things you must do in order to achieve that result

Most of us feel that we do work very hard on our goals, yet we tend to re-live the same experiences over and over again, get stuck on the same financial income level and feel that we never move forward.

So which area above all is responsible for your success in business and in life? According to John Assaraf in his book The Answer, it’s the reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind.


Your Subconscious Mind and your mental programming are responsible for:

  • Why you know what you should do and can do it, but you still don’t do it
  • Why you get stuck and plateau at certain income and revenue levels
  • Why you have read countless books, listened to CD’s and gone to many seminars but you still haven’t applied what you learned


Think of how a computer works:

We have the Hardware, the operating system Operating System, we install specific Software and we get some Results. So:

Hardware + Operating System + Software = Results

If you don’t like your results you usually change one of the three, but it’s usually the Software that you need to change, as its mostly responsible for the results.

Compare yourself to the computer:

You (Hardware) + Your Brain (Operating System) + Beliefs/Habits = Results

According to latest brain research, most of the trouble in your experience in life are not a result of the physical YOU and not so much your Brain, but mostly the results of your Beliefs and Habits.

So what are Beliefs and Habits and why is your brain probably sabotaging your success and not letting you take the actions you need to take for success?


Let’s take your Conscious mind. It is the place where:

  • You can imagine and decide what you want to achieve
  • You can determine what actions you need to take (determine but not make the actions)
  • You can discuss your goals and dreams and get excited about them
  • And this excitement can get you to take action for SHORT periods of time
  • It will accept or reject any idea or goal you have

It is not responsible for you taking actions long term or for a lot of your perceptions in life, as  this is the responsibility of your Subconscious mind.

Your Subconscious mind is responsible for:

  • Controlling  96-98% of your emotions, perceptions and behaviors
  • Controlling all your life supporting system
  • It cannot tell the ‘real’ from the ‘imagined’ – so if you learn to imprint new beliefs, new habits and new goals into this part of the brain, it will immediately start to get you to act in ways you haven’t acted before, thinking in ways you haven’t thought before and belief things about yourself.
  • Is where your implicit beliefs and habits are programmed – the subconscious mind is your software and you can actually reprogram this software and add new beliefs and habits.

So you can go to seminars, learn the information, recognize that you can achieve this results (and you realize this with the Explicit part of the brain), but your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits (your Implicit part from the brain) do not let you take any action.

What is very important to know is that the Explicit brain is responsible for 4% of your results but the Implicit brain is responsible for 96% of your results.


Now that we have established that the subconscious mind is responsible for your results in life, the main question is how to reprogram your subconscious and imprint the new thoughts, beliefs and habits which will help you succeed.

More on the latest research and techniques for reprogramming the brain see my next article ‘Is your Brain Sabotaging your Success?’.

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