Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Success? Re-Wire It Now!

In the previous blog article the ‘No1 Secret to Business Success’ we established that the latest brain research shows that the programming of our Subconscious Mind (our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, habits and perception) determine our level of success in any area of our lives.

Once you realize that you achieve whatever you are programmed to achieve according to your self–image and deep subconscious beliefs, you can move on and re-wire the brain. Modern science has given proof that the brain CAN BE reprogrammed following specific steps.


To understand what your self-image is, think about your financial results the past 3 years. The average of what you made per year the past 3 years, is where your financial ‘thermostat’ is set –  it’s the financial level where you feel comfortable. Unless you take the right actions to reset this ‘Financial Thermostat’, the chances are that whatever you do in life, you will end up getting similar results.

Subconscious beliefs, thought patterns and strong habits you have now, were created due to past experiences and your environment. How do you reset this mental programming to a brand new mental software which will drive you to success?


In the past, scientists used to think that we are born a certain way, with a certain personality that we inherit (i.e. most probably our parents behavior and patterns) and cannot do anything change that.

The discovery of the decade in brain research is that our brains are not hard-wired.  The latest discoveries show that we can re-wire everything in the brain and there is a right way to do it, by being in the right brain-way frequencies.

Traditional writing down of goals and affirmations and reciting them does NOT work on its own. Here is how to get it right, according to the Neural Reconditioning Process suggested by John Assaraf Entrepreneur, coach and star of the hit movie The Secret (Extended Edition), in his best-selling book  The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life.

Brain wave frequencies for re-wiring the brain:

The first thing you need to know is that the re-wiring happens only in certain brain frequencies, that you must learn to put yourself into, in order to imprint new beliefs.

We have 5 basic brainwave frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma which was discovered recently.

Most of us in our everyday lives, are usually in the Beta frequency, which is the ‘high-stress’ frequency. If you stay too long in Beta you burn out – beta keeps you in stress which not only burns out the brain, but is also the cause of most diseases.

Alpha brainwave frequency on the other hand, is the state of relaxed focus where is best to be when you ‘reprogram’ your brain. Alpha is the basic meditative state that anyone can achieve with the right guidance. It’s also the state we are when we are just falling asleep or just waking up in the morning.

We now have technologies which allow us gently and over time to access just with the use of special sounds, not only Alpha but  deeper frequencies like Delta, Theta and especially Gamma, the most powerful frequency to date, where you can achieve anything you want with your brain,  including supper leaning .

The procedure to re-wiring your brain:

  1. The first thing you need to do, is know what you want in life. Set the goals for what you want to achieve in all areas of your life (Financial, Relationships, Family, Business/Career, Contribution, Health) – the setting of the goals will be responsible for 4%  of the reprogramming procedure
  2. Get these goals, together with new affirmations which support these goals into the implicit part of the brain. This happens with consistently imprinting and emotionalizing each of the new beliefs and goals into your subconscious brain. This part will be responsible for 96% of your success!

The older you get the deeper the roots of your Beliefs and Habits are, so the reprogramming might take more time and persistence.

The ‘Neural-Reconditioning Process’ as suggested by John Assaraf :

There is a process you need to follow daily over a specific time period, that if done properly, can completely reprogram your mental software and turn you into a brand new person, the one who will take the right action to ACHIEVE its goals and dreams:

Step 1: Create a powerful vision for your finances and your business (write it down).

Step 2: Choose powerful beliefs and habits to support your new vision and write them down – use present tense (i.e. ‘I am so happy that I am now earning 50,000 dollars per month’ or ‘I am very disciplined and I do what I need to do to achieve my goals’)

Step 3: Create written, auditory kinesthetic, visual and subliminal material to ‘install’ the new beliefs and habits. Some suggestions for ‘Auditory’ Material is recording and listening to your affirmations and goals while reading them, for ‘Visual’ Material create a Vision Board (Useful Resource: The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams) with images of what you want to achieve  and for ‘Subliminal’ check out subliminal programs like ‘Subliminal Power’ works by flashing positive affirmations around your computer screen while you work, programming your brain without even you realizing.

Step 4: Begin a daily ‘Innercise’ program to change your mental programming to the new you.  Your daily program should include:

  • Visualizing  and repeating your goals
  • Using  support sounds which bring your brain to the Alpha Brainwave frequencies, like Binaural Beats, 3D Bilateral Sound Technology, Creative Multisensory  Processing Technology, Advanced Brain Entrainment Technology
  • Repeat Precision Affirmations which support your goals – these affirmations are your new beliefs and should be written with a lot of precision, in present tense.
  • Do Meditation; teach your brain to get into deeper states of awareness with the support of Meditation sounds which bring your brain in the ‘good’ frequencies.
  • Additional Support: You find experienced practitioners and use NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, Psyche K.
  • Subliminal Programming (you can find auditory and visual Subliminal Programming programs this amazing Subliminal Power Software which projects messages to your computer screen).

Step 5: Follow this daily program for 30 to 90 days. Depending on the types of beliefs and how deep routed they are, it takes between 30 and 90 days of daily repetition to reprogram deep rooted beliefs in the brain.

I know that the process might sound too much, and I realize that it is a challenge to complete properly, because I assure you, your brain will fight back and try to stop you from changing!

However, are you interested or are you committed to your success? If you are interested, you will find reasons to give up half way through the process and your brain will be very happy about it, because it doesn’t really like change, it feels comfortable exactly where it is.  If you are committed the resources are available for you to succeed and you will find the time every day to take action.

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