Nik Halik Interview – How to be a Thrillionaire

Watch the video interview with Nik Halik here

I caught up on camera, with Best-selling author, wealth strategist, astronaut and self-made millionaire investor Nik Halik in between his globetrotting and non-stop exciting adventures,  to find out what is a ‘Thrillionaire’ and how do you live the ‘Thrillionaire’ lifestyle that he teaches to others through his book and seminars.

As Nik puts it in this interview:

‘A Thrillionaire is more than just being a millionaire. A Thrillionaire is any person who has sensed the disturbances in the fabric of human society. If you believe you are different, then you are a Thrillionaire. If you believe that you deserve more in life, then you are a Thrillionaire. If you wanna have a cause in life, as opposed to just making money and you want to invest in Philanthropy and really want to make a difference in the world, then you are a Thrillionaire’.

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