What Do You Really Want?

There are some eternal timeless truths in life and people who live by those eternal truths are the happiest, most successful and most fulfilled individuals at all times in history.

The above video is narrated by the late British philosopher, writer, Zen master and speaker Alan Watts, who lived between 1915 and 1973 and it asks you some powerful questions that can transform your life:

What do you really desire? What are you passionate about? How would you really be like to be spending your life if money was no object? 

Most of us are raised placing limitations and boundaries around what we are supposed to do with our life based on what our educational system teaches us and what society and our family expects from us or believes is best of us.

We are told to kill our dreams because they won’t produce a high salary or are not considered a good way to make money…. And all this comes from people who were taught the same things and were taught to kill their dreams in order to follow what society expected of them.

What’s funny thought is that the most successful people in history, if you would study their teachings and ask for their opinion, would never give you that advice. They are the ones who broke all boundaries society placed upon them and followed their passion, becoming masters of what they loved and therefore creating greatness in their life and impacting the world in a special way.

Become a master in what you love to do

The key to success is becoming a master in what you love to do. By becoming a master in what you love, and strive to be better each and every day, you will eventually be able to offer something unique and of high quality to the world and at the same time earn a high remuneration, living your life the way you choose to design it and not building someone else’s dreams.

What if you sat down with yourself today and decided what you really wanted to do and then went after it with focus, energy and passion – without putting money first?

What if you would focus on becoming a master, a top expert in what you are really passionate about?

What would most possibly happen is that money would eventually become the by-product of the success in following your true passion and offering high value to the world.

It’s not supposed to be an easy road to follow, it’s probably a more challenging one requiring guts and hard work, but what would be better for you: living a busy life filled with what you really love doing or long boring life spend in a miserable way, waking up every morning to go to a job you don’t really like, building someone else’s dream and not your own?

How about making it a resolution for this year, to be true to yourself on what you are really passionate about and become a master at it.  How could that potentially change your life in the next 3, 5 or 10 years?

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