Allowing Happiness on Cue: How to Let Happiness Flow Into your Life

Allowing Happiness
‘When we clear all the things that we are not, underneath we find the person we’ve always wanted to be’ Grant Connoly, Author


ZPoint ProcessIf you could flip the switch to whatever is going on in your life right right now that doesn’t make you feel good and  instantly start feeling happy, peaceful and become an attracting magnet to all the good things that you really want, would you flip that switch?

Would you take that step towards feeling better?

This is what happened to me when I encountered the powerful meditative healing process Zpoint a few months ago. I discovered ZPoint when searching for the best techniques available all over the world for eliminating limiting beliefs and behaviors and allowing yourself to live your fullest potential.I had gone through the most popular meditative healing techniques and programs out there, but when I stumbled on ZPoint, I realized I found a gem!

I found a powerful meditative healing technique that shifted my feelings, my negative thoughts and my limiting behaviors fast and easy. The results in my life where immediate and spectacular… I just had to share this with others and help them improve their lives and eliminate what is holding them back from reaching their full potential. Therefore I decided only after one month of practicing it on myself to become a certified practitioner.

The ZPoint Process has been developed by Canadian Author, Hypnotherapist and Personal Success Coach Grant Connoly over the past 10 years and it is being used now in over 30 countries all over the world. Grant is an example of a person who starting out with a very unhappy childhood felt he was a failure for many years. After finding the ways to break through his own limitations he developed the ZPoint Process and today he is living a full, rich, satisfying life, helping thousands of people around the world transform their life.

I have been in close contact with Grant over the past two months while taking the ZPoint Practitioner course and I was very excited to find out that he has just released his first book on the ZPoint Process: ‘Allowing Happiness on Cue: A Simple Powerful Way to Gently Let Go of Feelings and Limiting Beliefs that Block True Peace of Mind and Happiness’.

The purpose of the book and the downloadable recordings included is to help you find true and lasting happiness, in a world filled with uncertainty, discord, doubt and fear. It will help you make peace with yourself and everyone else in your life. It will help you activate the ‘Law of Attraction’ and start letting in to your life all the things you truly desire.

In the book Grant Connoly starts by giving his own definition of Happiness, that feeling of inner piece that we are all looking for and he explains why happiness is your natural state of being, and why you just have to clear away whatever is holding you back from feeling it.

He explains how the Zpoint Process was created and then gives a guide on how to do the Zpoint Process including links to Free Audio Downloads that will be very helpful in guiding you through the process and help you release difficult feelings and beliefs that stand in the way of your health, wealth and personal happiness.

Some of the main issues you can ‘clear’ with Zpoint  presented in the book are: Clearing Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs, Clearing Negative Memories and Feelings, Releasing negative Patterns, Healing Relationships, Healing Physical Issues and allowing for new situations to manifest into your life.

ZPoint has rocked my world the past few months and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to release negative feelings and beliefs and anyone feeling stuck and looking to move forward with their life. To find out more about the personal ZPoint Sessions I am offering over Skype and how we can deal with your specific issues click here.

To buy Grant Connolly’s book  (which includes Free ZPoint Clearing audios you can listen to by yourself at home) visit Amazon:


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