The Purpose of Crisis in Your Life


There is a hidden message in every crisis you come across in your life and the message is always the same: You are doing something wrong, time for change.

If you don’t get the message the first time the crisis hits you, there will be more of it. The crisis will come again in the same area of your life that you refuse to change, until you get the message that it is bringing you and move on to a new better direction. This is true whether it is a personal crisis you are facing involving relationships, finances, business/work or health or a crisis that your community or country is facing.

Even the major crisis we that the world is facing now with the collapse of the global economy, is a collective message that we have taken a wrong direction and we need to move on to a new higher consciousness in order to solve the mess we have put ourselves into as a planet.

Sometimes people wait until they have messed up too much to think of change, avoiding over and over again the messages that the repetitive crises they keep getting are giving them. Others are just addicted to the same crisis patterns which keep repeating over and over again even if they want to change. This happens because they don’t know or can’t see the way out of that negative pattern (more on that on my blog posts about reprogramming the subconscious mind).

So what is the best way move forward following a Crisis? 

Firstly do not let the crisis pull you down psychologically or mentally for a prolonged period of time, breathe, rest, focus and stay calm. Usually after facing a big crisis there will be a normal period of grief. Make sure you don’t let that period of grief drag on for too long. We attract what put out in the form of feelings and if we are in a prolonged feeling of grief, fear and disappointment, we will attract more of it.

Instead try to observe yourself neutrally, as if you are looking at the problem from the outside, without being immersed in the feelings that this crisis has caused to you. Neutral observation and evaluation of the situation will give you the right answers (throw in some mediation there if you are into it and you get faster results!).

And just remember that there is a hidden message in every crisis you have been through, the crisis has hit you for a reason. If you grab the message fast and move on, you will find yourself in a much better place than you were at before the crisis, very soon after the event that pushed you to change. If you drag on the feelings the crisis has brought you, it will just pull you down and you will recreate the same experience until you change.

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