How to Meditate like a Zen Monk starting today

How to Meditate Like a Zen Monk

If you have a busy mind like me or you live a stressful and busy lifestyle bombarded throughout the day by e-mails, messages, phone calls, online and offline distractions and responsibilities, you might find it difficult to quiet down your mind and relax, so that you can reap the amazing benefits of  meditation.

I was in the same situation a few years ago, when I was working on my meditation skills but I would find it very difficult to relax and stop the negative noise in my mind…. that’s until I discovered a special technology used in meditation tracks, that can help you get almost instantly from the state where your mind is busy, stressed, and anxious, to a deep meditative state where relaxation, focus, super learning and intuition happen naturally.

When I started using this ‘brainwave entrainment technology’ it truly made an immediate impact on the results I was getting. I become more focused on work, stress reduced significantly and I could handle everything that was going on in my life easier and better and I had increased intuition and insights about my life. I became more relaxed, calm and centered when carrying out my day to day activities and my work. 

From ‘Beta’ to ‘Alpha’ Brainwave frequencies in an instant

What these meditation tracks do, is that they utilize specially created sounds and music that instantly switch your brainwaves from the ‘Beta’ brainwave frequency, which is the state where you are either fully alert and working or very stressed, anxious or panicking, to the Alpha Brainwave frequency, which is the meditative state of deep relaxation where you can utilize the power of imagination and intuition and experience increased serotonin production and better memory. Alpha is the brainwave frequency you are usually into, whenever you are very relaxed but not sleeping, which is the basic meditation state.

These brainwave entrainment meditation tracks with proper use, can move you fast into even deeper and more beneficial meditative states, like the Delta brainwave frequency, Theta and Gamma, something that before would take years of practice and becoming a meditation guru to experience it.

‘Delta’ Brainwave Frequency

Delta for example is the frequency experienced during dreamless sleep, where human growth hormone is released and healing is accelerated. If you are awake in this frequency you can access the subconscious mind, receive insights and solutions to difficult problems.

‘Theta’ Brainwave Frequency

Theta waves are normally only experienced momentarily when you are drifting off to sleep or when you are waking up. In Theta brainwaves, you experience increased creativity and accelerated healing. You can also access and change all your unconscious beliefs and the deepest programming for your behavior. It enables creativity, visualizations, insight, healing and inspiration.

‘Gamma’ – The most powerful brainwave frequency found to date

Finally the recently discovered Gamma Brainwave Frequency is the most powerful brainwave found to date. When we are in Gamma we experience states of peak mental and physical performance and higher mental activity, as well as flashes of brilliance, sudden bursts of insight and moments of extreme focus and concentration.

Research has shown that through practice of deep meditation (and without the use of any sounds), your brainwave frequencies do move into the states of Alpha, Delta, Theta and even the ‘genius’ Gamma frequency, and you can receive the amazing results mentioned above.

What this ‘brainwave entrainment’ technology does (my top preference is the one from Centerpointe Research Institute) is that it gives you instantly the results you would normally get after practicing meditation over a long time and mastering it with the guidance of a specialized meditation group or a meditation teacher.

Since I have been using this technology for the past 5 years with amazing benefits, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to be more relaxed, focused and healthy, get rid of depression, think more clearly or even sleep better. One of my favorite uses is also during long flights, where I just carry my ipod with my meditation tracks and relax or sleep letting the sounds do the work!

One of the top benefits of systematic use of ‘brainwave entrainment technology’, is that it stimulates the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to a high-performance state scientists call “whole brain functioning”

The only thing you need to do, is load the meditation tracks on your mp3 player, use a good set of stereo headphones, sit in a relaxed comfortable position somewhere where you will not be disturbed for at least half an hour, close your eyes and just relax listening to the sounds.

Slowly you can move to the next level and start including visualizations and affirmations while listening to these audios, as they induce a state where visualizing your desired outcomes and programming new beliefs into the subconscious becomes very easy.

As mentioned above ‘brainwave entrainment’ meditation audios that I have been using the past 5 years and I highly recommend, are from a company called Centerpointe and you can review by clicking here: Awakening Prologue by Centerpointe . This a full program that will guide you step by step through the brainwave frequencies Alpha, Delta and Theta explaining every step on the way and answering all your questions and will also give you specialized tracks for super-learning, solving problems and creating better health and longevity.

In my research I haven’t found a Gamma brainwave frequency program yet that I can recommend yet as this frequency is newly discovered (I have some audios privately produced for a specific course I did, that are not mass marketed yet on their own), but I will update the blog post once I find a program that is complete, guiding you from Alpha to Gamma frequency step-by-step. If you haven’t used this kind of technology before, using Centerpointe’s ‘Awakening Prologue’ is the best way to start with Alpha and move into deeper levels.

If you have any comments and questions feel free to post below and if you have found this information useful, please share 🙂

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  1. Thanks for doing this site. There are a lot of wesites ditceaded to brainwave entrainment but most are just junk. Your site has some quality info on all aspects of brainwave entrainment.I use brain entrainment for self improvement needs, such as stress relief. When I first started using this technology I was in need of a quality sleep aid because prolonged use of pills can only do me harm.I want to use brainwave entrainment to experience astral projection. I heard it is an amazing experience. Please keep the brainwave entrainment articles coming.

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