How to Make Google Love You – All time classic SEO Basics to increase your Google Ranking

Google Ranking- All time classic seo basics If you are an experienced online marketer, you probably know that Google changes its ranking procedures for websites every few months – and you probably have heard about the  latest big change was the infamous ‘Farmer  Update’ which happened about a month ago, messing up the rankings of many big sites. Small ‘thin’ websites which offered little or no unique content have been also punished by the latest update.

There is too much information circulated in the Internet Marketing Industry about increasing rankings, tons of software are produced and sold to increase website traffic, to the point where ranking your website hight, seems to turn into a specialized science.

What all good online marketers know, is that there are certain basics about Google Ranking procedures, which will keep your page ranking in high, whatever changes Google makes, long term.

So let’s cut through to the basics, and look at the simple all time classic internet rules for high ranking, that Google will ALWAYS love and will keep considering as important when rating websites, whatever other changes are happening on the background.  Here they are:

1.       Keywords in your URL – if you have a website about hotels for example, it will rank higher on search engines if your USL has the word hotels in it combined with a word that is relevant to what your site is offering ie hotelsinxcity.com. To put it simply if someone is searching for hotels, hotels.com ranks higher than expedia.com (although Expedia is still one of the largest travel booking sites in the world). Decide what your main keyword is and look for a good URL with that keyword.

2.       Unique Quality Content with your Personality Stamp and knowhow – ‘Content is King’ always remember and practice that classic online marketing advise, it will remain classic. Focus on producing unique good quality content and Google with its ‘bots’ will scan through your content and take notice.

3.       Frequency of Content – Content includes Text, Audio and Video targeted on your website’s/blog’s Niche Market. If you have a blog, write once a day ideally or 2-3 times a week at least to build a big following fast.

4.       Keyword Targeted Articles – Include your main keywords (the keywords that you want your blog/website to be ranked high for in search engines) in the title and body of as many articles as many times as possible.

5.       Social Media Syndication & Building Quality Backlinks – Get quality Backlinks (people/websites linking back to your website). This gives you massive authority on Google. You will do this by constantly submitting your content to Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Article Marketing Directories (databases like Ezinearticles and Article Base) and helping people share your content on social media. Make sure you include your keyword in the title of the text you are submitting or sharing. Long term you should work on building cooperation’s  with other popular sites and blogs which will suggest your content to their readers and link back to your website.

6.       Product & People Reviews – Review the top products, people and companies in your niche because these are the keywords that people are searching for. Watch out especially for new product launches in your niche. If you are monetizing your blog or website, the best thing about reviews is that you can also link to an affiliate program about the specific product and earn a commission from any sales.

7.       Events and News – Presence of news and events about your niche market always gets Google’s attention.

8.       Patience – that means that Google will not give you love overnight, you will need to first take it out on a number of high quality dates and slowly seduce it giving it the best of what it wants over time…(ok, you get the message here 😉 )!  You need to keep posting quality content, sharing and building backlinks and over time, as your website ages, Google will notice.

If you have found this article useful, help me share the word by sharing with your friends. Looking forward to hearing your comments about your experience with tactics for ranking high on Google!

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