How The Secret Changed My Life

Bob Proctor in The Secret

First, let’s get things straight to start with.

No, I didn’t sit around on the couch meditating about my desires all day after watching the movie ‘The Secret’ and when I did meditate, money did not magically start falling from the sky…

And no, I didn’t start thinking positive thoughts 24/7 thereby putting the ‘Law of Attraction’ into action, manifesting all my dreams and wishes easily and effortlessly…


Great things did happen in my life, wishes manifested and dreams did come true, over time and after a lot of consistent work on shifting my mindset. From my experiences, I now have all the proof I could ever need to confirm that the law of attraction works under some conditions and I am using it daily in my life with amazing results!

So what did happen to me after watching ‘The Secret’?

In September 2006, a friend who I hadn’t been in touch with for a long time, called me out of the blue, and told me she had just returned from her long travels and that I should watch this new amazing movie ‘The Secret’.

At the time I was going through some really challenging times in my life, I was working very hard and trying very hard, but nothing felt like it was moving forward. On the contrary I felt like I was constantly being sabotaged in whatever I tried to do and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong….

I was following the same patterns over and over again in my work, my relationships and my finances and although I realized what was going on, I didn’t have a clue how to break those patterns.

I had read tons of personal development books, practiced some things, gained some knowledge, but didn’t really apply my life the full knowledge of what I had learned so that I would start having tangible results.

I didn’t know then that our brain has mechanisms whose ‘job’ is to try really hard to keep us tied to our old beliefs, self-image and habits when we attempt any type of change (the Phycho-cybernetic mechanism and the Amygdala are two of them).

My first reaction when watching ‘The Secret’ back in September 2006, was a big realization about how many negative thoughts, feelings and past hurtful experiences I was holding onto subconsciously. How many negative feelings were going on inside me each and every day affecting the vibration I was giving out to the world and the experiences I was attracting…

I immediately began researching all the teachers in ‘The Secret’ as I wanted to find out how they used the law of attraction in their lives, what their background was, what they teach and most importantly, what were the main steps I could take to change my mindset. I desperately needed a shift in the way I was using my mind, because what I was doing until that time clearly wasn’t working well.

John Assaraf in The Secret

I came across the work of John Assaraf, attended one of his free online coaching sessions and without a second thought I made the decision to join his one year coaching programme. A very successful entrepreneur himself, he teaches people how to ‘reprogram their mind’ integrating in his teachings the latest science findings and at the same time teaches entrepreneurial mindset and action steps from the top Entrepreneurs in the world, for business success.

This was my first experience with a coach and mentor and I realized how much I was lacking the right ‘mindset’ and how much I truly needed to be around successful mentors and learn from them. I had gone through Universities, got degrees, was even teaching graduate students bout Public Relations and Media, but didn’t have a clue about the mindset that a person absolutely needs to have to achieve success.

I realized that what all these students that I was teaching needed first and foremost, was the mindset for success and second came the skills for mastering  their chosen profession. Without the mindset and the right attitude they would get nowhere. Some of them would be ‘wired’ to fail no matter how hard they studied and how hard worked in life and they would think that failure came because they were not good enough or smart enough.

That was the time in my life when I made the decision that I wanted to start teaching people about mindset above all, instead of all the things that I was teaching up to that moment, like skills to their chosen profession.

I found myself in San Diego in January 2007 to attend coaching sessions with John Assaraf and was introduced to the work of another great teacher from ‘The Secret’ Dr John Demartini one of the world’s greatest living Philosophers and Human Behavioural Specialist. He happened to be passing by San Diego for a lecture while I was there,  and I didn’t miss the opportunity to attend it and talk with him.

John Demartini in The Secret
Dr Demartini who when he was a kid was told he would never read or write, but went on to become a Doctor, a bestselling author and a great teacher of millions, taught me about the importance of knowing my true values in life, how to find out and follow my true purpose, how to communicate with others more effectively, how to breakthrough limitations and what it really takes for an entrepreneur to be very successful.

In 2011 I met again with Dr Demartini, this time in my country Cyprus where I brought him to present two seminars in a life-changing dream come true for me. I am already planning my next meeting with Dr Demartini very soon, as every time I come into contact with him, I learn something truly valuable that can improve my life.

Pavlina Papalouka - Dr John Demartini

Me with Dr John Demartini in Cyprus, May 2011, after completing his seminars on the island

I made these great mentors part of my life and committed myself to absorbing all their knowledge so that I can live my fullest potential, like they did with their lives.

I was introduced to more great teachers like Bob Proctor, who is considered the ‘grandfather’ of the personal growth movement. He teaches the mindset for success in life, in business and finances and how you can create everything you have ever wanted in your life with the power of your mind and your thoughts. And many other teachers, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Jack Canfield being two more of my favorites.

Absorbing the knowledge and teachings of all these mentors had a life changing effect on me over time. I learned how to delete all those negative patterns I was having, by re-wiring my brain and clearing subconscious blocks. I learned how to eliminate negative beliefs and habits that where holding me back from living my full potential. I found out who I truly am, what is my purpose and what I truly want to offer to the world in this lifetime.

I changed my self image and my raised my self confidence. I learned the action steps that all successful people take, because success leaves clues and learning from those who have already succeeded is the fastest way your success.

Many people claim that ‘The Secret’ is one sided, that it focuses only on the ‘Law of Attraction’and gives people the fake impression that they can just sit around and meditate to attract what they want. However these people never get into the trouble to study all the deep principles behind ‘The Secret’ and what all these teachers that were presented in the movie and the book teach about life, mindset and action steps that lead to success.

People are looking for easy solutions, a fast and effortless way to success…

Change for me didn’t come easily. But when it came it was with spectacular results. Working on your personal growth is a never ending process that can produce amazing fruit. There are no quick fixes ‘I visualize this and it shows up tomorrow’. Well yes it can happen, but it takes a lot of inner work to get to that manifestation state of being ‘in the flow’.

Manifesting will not happen by you sitting on your couch and visualizing. It will come by you going out and taking action. Maybe the sequel of ‘The Secret’ should be the ‘taking action’ part that is not presented in the first movie.

Mindset and taking action work together, hand in hand, one cannot bring you success without the other. That’s what ‘The Secret’ essentially taught me. You can work your butt off but if you don’t have the right mindset, the right attitude to life, the right image for yourself and what you can achieve, you will not get very far.

Yet another person might work less and might be much less smart than you, but with the right attitude, the right mindset and the willingness to go out and take action, can attract whatever you dream about and strive for, fast and easy.

The Secret changed my life through the amazing mentors and teachers that I met and the teachings that I followed. The change in mindset, habits, beliefs and plan of action I got through their training which led to a true transformation in my life.

What I recommend to anyone who wants to succeed is get a mentor, as soon as possible. A person who has already succeeded in what you are looking to achieve and who is willing to teach you. Only by visiting the websites of the teachers that I mention in this article, you will get tons of free information to start with.

Did you experience any life changes as a result of  ‘The Secret’? I would love to hear from you! Post your comments below to let me know what effect ‘The Secret’ has had on your life and if you have used mentors/teachers to guide you to success.

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