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Message From Greece

Reporting from Naxos Greece, August 2012

The past few days I have been on a wonderful vacation at the Greek Islands. Contrary he messages the media around the world have been distributing the past one – two years, I found Greece to still be a paradise on earth with amazing hospitality and hard working Greeks everywhere eager to serve tourists from all over the world and offer the traditional, world-renowned and openhearted Greek hospitality.

The unique beauty and relaxing energy of Greek islands, combined with the amazing weather, great service, delicious food and the most dreamy clear beaches you can ever set foot on….simply makes this a divine place to be!

On the other side I have noticed something that didn’t click well with the whole picture. While the Greek islands used to be a major attraction of tourists from all European countries and from all over the world, in the first island of Naxos where I am writing from, there are much fewer tourists than  I expected.

Talking with hotel and restaurant owners and waiters, I asked if this is the usual number of tourists in Naxos island in August which is considered peak holiday season for Greece. The answer from virtually everyone I talked to, is that there has been a sharp reduction in tourism this year on the island, maily because tourists are afraid to visit Greece due to fear created in the media.

Greece has been the focus of European and worldwide media in the recent months due to the difficult economic situation it is going throuh. We have been flooded with images of demonstrations in Athens, violence in the streets, reports from financial analysts about the danger of Greece economy collapsing and the ripple effects to the rest of the world and all kinds of opinions portraying Greece as an unsafe country of lazy people, crime, strikes and general chaos.

While some of these issues are partly true on certain occasions in the heart of Athens where most of the population of Greece lives (hence where demonstrations take place), this image of Greece cannot be more far from reality in the rest of the country and the tens of picturesque Greek islands, which remain a paradise on earth with some of the best hospitality and service you can ever experience. I found mostly smiling and friendly Greeks servicing tourists in the traditionally Greek hospitable way.

What is disconcerting, is how people seem to believe whatever the media is transmitting as true, let fear take over and do not go into the trouble to question how they let what they hear affect their reality. Most people don’t even realize that being exposed to the media daily without critical judgement, can affect your beliefs, your thoughts and ultimately the reality you create for yourself.

Media realize that bad news sell more than good news, so they focus on and magnify the negative events. Almost all media outlets around the world, are also backed by politicians and people in power, who have an interest in controlling what people think and believe.

The economic situation and turmoil that Greece is experiencing right now, is just a reflection of the global economic climate. People around the world are subjected daily to news spreading fear about everything: the economic environment, crime, safety, health….

Focusing on these news ultimately leads to fear,  feeling helpless, looser mentality and it just lets the media control your life and what you believe is possible. The wisest thing to do is to DISCONNECT YOURSELF and focus on creating your own reality.

Your mind is very powerful. It will create in your life exactly what you put your focus on. If you put your focus on what is the best that you can create for your economy, your finances, your life, your country, you can really find yourself in a place where you are not affected by the global economic climate or any time of global fear, at all.

If more and more people disconnect and focus on creating their own reality then they can affect the energy and the finances of the whole planet. As Gandhi so wisely put it, the only way to bring change to the world and to your country, is to BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. Focus on you, focus on what you can do best, focus on improving yourself and creating the change in your own life and disregard whatever fear politicians or media are trying to create in order to control you.

You can control your thoughts and create your own reality.

See the small video that I prepared with some amazing scenery from Naxos island and I would love to hear from you in the comments below, on your thoughts about this blog post.

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