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Remembering Stephen Covey – Resolving Conflict

In dealing with conflicts we only see 2 alternatives - my side and your side, my team or your team, my country or your country, my opinion or your opinion. People tend to get stuck on these two alternatives. The problem in solving conflicts is in how we think, we really think that there are only 2 alternatives. However, there is almost always a third alternative that is beyond and better than either of our positions.

Manifest with Pinterest!

Pavlina Papalouka interviews Social Media Strategist and author Lydia Kyriakidou, who has just released a new course on 'How to Manifest your desires with zero effort using Pinterest' . Lydia explains why by using Pinterest and other social media we can easily move to a frequency where manifesting happens easily and effortlessly.

What’s your Backup Plan?

Not having a backup plan means that you set unrealistic expectations about life, you assume that things are always going to turn out as expected and that life will always be in your favor. Life is mostly about polar opposites: Pain and Pleasure, Good and bad, Up and Down, Kind and Mean, Loving and Hateful, Happy and Unhappy. It's just how life is, shit happens.

Goal Setting: Why Set Goals?

Goal Setting is helpful for two simple reasons: It helps your mind stay focused on your highest priorities and tells your subconscious what is most important for you and what to look for in your environment to identify opportunities. Smart goal setting means setting short term reachable goals to reach long time bigger goals and putting a concrete plan down around achieving your goals.

What we Learned from Steve Jobs – 16 Lessons on Life and Entrepreneurship from a Creative Genius

As the media around the world are buzzing with tributes to his life and his contribution to technology and society at large, I would like to focus with this article on what we have learned as a global community from Steve Jobs, including some of the gems of inspiration and popular inspirational 'quotes' he has left us with, that will be perpetuated for generations to come.